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Contact Us 6200 0080
Contact Us 6200 0080

With Ferry Las Perlas, you will navigate with comfort, speed and security.

We are a young and innovative company in the Panamanian  market of tourits transportation. We try our best to make you feel special. The characteristics and differences of our service and attention are the result of a highly trained team who focuses on our passengers needs and pleasure at all times.

We have regular routes to Saboga and Contadora Island both are in Las Perlas Archipelago at the gulf of Panama. In addition to our regular tours, we also offer night routes, where you can enjoy drinks and snacks, good music and enjoy a beautiful trip to the Panama Bay Canal.

Added to our services, we rent our boat  for tourists trips, private parties, commemorative and corporate events, weddings and so on. Also we can help you with, boat trips between the islands, restaurants, kayak, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and another services that you can find in the Islands.

Above all, our boat offers a more comfortable trip, because of its Catamaran shape that provide more stability, in addition to avoiding "unnecessary hassel" at the time of boarding, as we have a reserved seating sytem when you purchase your ticket. We also have air conditioning, 03 televisions, bar/cafe as well as male and female restrooms. On the outside of the boat can find a uncovered area with beach chairs to take the sun.

Innovation. Now you can plan your trip, reserve your seat, check-in, make payment with your credit card and take advantage of our promotions online. All this avoiding rows, trafic and especially, without leaving the comfort of your home or your office. You just have to go in the availability part on our home page.

"Welcome aboard our ferry. As a company, we are pleased and proud to serve you."